Sunday, December 19, 2010

iVillage & The Talk

The iVillage #HaveTheTalk campaign is super important especially during the holidays.
Right now if you have ‘the TALK’ and share it via the iVillage Facebook App:

iVillage will donate $1 to Junior Achievement for every Facebook Share! With the goal of raising $5,000!

This is my entry for "the Talk" giveaway.

Ways to give back during the holidays.

When talking to my daughter about ways to give back, especially to the less fortunate during the holidays we discuss the Food pantry's, Many good causes, and the Salvation army. We don't just donate money, but give of our selves and time. We do gift wrapping, and the angel tree for children, ringing the bell for the kettle drive. She understands that the holidays are about giving of what we have to others so that they may feel blessed. It's a great feeling to know she really enjoys making others happy. Giving of herself and receiving nothing more then a thank you and hugs. It's more then we could ever ask for is the smile's on people's faces.