Thursday, December 09, 2010

Give Back.... Donate to a charity!

I was directed to the GiveBack website from One2One Network this past week. I had never heard of it before, but once I had the opportunity to get on their site and see what they are all about, I really fell in love with them.

To start with, once you log on and you sign up for an account you are give $5 to donate to a charity of your choice. I chose DISABLED PERSONS ACTION ORGANIZATI N INC

since they are so near and dear to my heart because my twin sister is disabled with Cyrabral Palsy and attended DPAO since she was a kid. They did after school activities with her and many other children with develop mentally and physically disabled conditions. They also do a day-hab program with grownups that have disabilities as well!

Thank You For Your Donation

We have successfully donated $5.00 to DISABLED PERSONS ACTION ORGANIZATI N INC.

I urge you to log onto GiveBack and take that $5 and start donating and if you blog, write a post about it and get your followers to use GiveBack. They have a very helpful video that you can view below that talks about their organization and what they do for communities in your area.