Friday, December 03, 2010

A Bit About Me!

Hey, thought I should at least post a bit about myself. Basically I really enjoy entering Giveaways! I haven't done it in months, and when I did do it earlier this year I would win a ton! I loved it. The biggest thing I ever won was a Queen Sleep Number Bed. I love that bed.
Anyways, I'm married. Currently separated- it was my choice. I'm a mother to a wonderful- yet pain in the ass daughter. She is 6 years old. I am a photographer, and a Baker. Yet still a stay at home mom. I work for my father as a photographer when he needs the extra help with weddings or just editing pictures. As for the Baker I do wedding cakes, Birthday cakes, Personalized designer cookies, and everything else anyone could want. I am also Coupon crazy. I love to figure out how to use a coupon and get stuff for free! It is such a thrill! Especially when a cashier looks at you and is amazed how I got a total of $400 down to $20! ya... fun stuff.
Well that's all I got to say for now. Wish me luck in my entries to giveaways. I want to win an Ipad!!
yours truly,