Thursday, December 23, 2010

Are You Pair Savvy?

Pair Savvy is a new application for your iPhone or Android, it lets you search for pairing when you type in a cheese or wine or beer. It shows you what goes well together.

To get this app download Pair Savvy to your mobile device and select either cheese, wine or beer. You can also use this app right on the Pair savvy web site

This is a free App and it's just in time for your holiday parties!

Real California Cheese Pair Savvy is available today to most smart phone users through their mobile browser:

For the iPhone: Visit the App Store, search for “Pair Savvy” then download for free (available soon).

For Android users: Visit the Android Marketplace, search for “Pair Savvy” then download for free.

Better yet, Pair Savvy is linked to so the app will update automatically with no need to download future updated versions.

Hope you enjoy this app! Come back and let me know what you think!